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About us

As a leader in Dermatology (1st rank in Dermatology Market by Value and the most prescribed Derma company in Saudi Arabia) , Jamjoom Pharma understands that the key factors for its success are quality, innovation and strong relationships with the Dermatology professionals.Significant portion of the Dermatologist's practice also deals with issues related to Beauty, Skin Care, Hair Care, Anti-Aging and associated concerns.

In response to these needs,IN-LIFE has launched an innovative range of Cosmeceutical Products that will provide dermatologists a new outlook into skin and beauty care.
The products are manufactured and sourced from France, Germany and USA: the focal points of the global Cosmeceutical industry.
The vision of IN-LIFE is to drive the future of Cosmeceuticals in the Middle East and Afrasia region.

Jamjoom Pharma is indebted to the Dermatologists, medical community, pharmacists and the customers for the support and recognition given to the company.



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